Dr. Stephen Charnitski


Stephen Charnitski, D.M.D.

A fractured front tooth is what led Dr. Stephen Charnitski to become a dentist.  It just happened to be his own front tooth.  “I was sixteen years old with a broken front tooth, and I was extremely appreciative of the dentist who restored my smile,” he says.  “I decided then I wanted to help other people in the same way, and I’ve been very driven ever since.”

Dr. Charnitski says one of the things he particularly enjoys about dentistry is the instant results.  “We can resolve pain and improve a patient’s appearance almost instantly.  That’s a great feeling,” he explains.  “When someone comes in, like I did, with a broken tooth or something else that is causing them pain or embarrassment and we send them home smiling, we all feel good.”

Describing his practice as general dentistry covering all aspects of oral care, Dr. Charnitski says he also feels it’s important to keep a whole body perspective.  “Dentists have an opportunity to screen patients who don’t see physicians on a regular basis.  Not everyone sees their physician for a yearly physical like they should, but many come in for a cleaning twice a year.  That gives us an opportunity to evaluate their overall health and make recommendations for improving it.”
With that in mind, he has added the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to his practice.  OSA is a life-threatening disorder that can be linked to congestive heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, excessive fatigue and memory loss.  “When I became aware that 47 million Americans have sleep apnea and, in fact, many people I knew exhibited the symptoms, I realized that I can help them have a better, healthier life,” says Dr. Charnitski.
“My father was the first person I treated.  Prior to treatment, his snoring rocked the house.  The instant benefit he received with the appliance was phenomenal.  After the first night, he woke up feeling great, didn’t take his usual nap two hours after getting up and felt great the whole day.  That was March 2010, and he has continued to use the appliance and sees an improvement in his overall health and energy level.”

Since then, Dr. Charnitski has treated many patients who were looking for an alternative to their CPAP machines.  Dental sleep apnea treatment is life-changing for them.  The appliance is so much more comfortable; they actually use it and reap the benefits of restful, restoring sleep.
Dr. Charnitski says the primary goal at Suburban Dental Associates is to get patients back to good oral health and help them preserve it.  “Here, you’ll enjoy an atmosphere of consideration where we fully explain every procedure we recommend.” He says.  “We don’t just want to fix the immediate problem; we want to provide you with solutions that will preserve your oral health for the long term.”
Dr. Charnitski has been practicing for 28 years.  When he’s not restoring healthy smiles, he enjoys running, skiing, eating and cooking.  “I am something of a foodie,” he says.  “But I brush after every meal!”
University of Scranton, Scranton, PA:  Bachelor of Science in Biology
Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA:  Doctor of Dental Surgery
AADSM American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine 2010
ASBA American Sleep & Breathing Academy 2013
General Dentistry – covering all aspects of oral care and keeping a whole body perspective.